The Business Transformation Playbook: How To Implement your Organisation’s Target Operating Model (TOM) and Achieve a Zero Percent Fail Rate Using the 6-Step Agile Framework

Why do only 30% of business transformation programmes deliver on time, on budget and
on scope, realising the intended benefits while 70% fail?

Uncover HOBA® (House of Business Architecture®) the Business Transformation framework,
design process and blueprint for increasing your organisation’s success rate and delivering
the Target Operating Model (TOM).

This book and HOBA® framework provide a practical, hands-on tool that has helped
organisation‘s design, build and implement their business strategy and Target Operating
Model (TOM) as part of their business transformation.


  • The five (5) Business Architecture Challenges that Business Architecture, Business Architects and Business Transformators® face today, and how HOBA® solves them;
  • A comprehensive, systematic and structured Target State Architecture ‘Design Process’ to not only design the Target Operating Model (TOM) but also implement it;
  • An Agile framework that develops the Target State Architecture, and Target Operating Model (TOM) in an iterative, incremental fashion;
  • The framework that aligns the Business to the Business Strategy;
  • A framework that covers all aspects and questions asked of the business – from the Why, Who, What, Where, How and When? and
  • Reference Models that address the organisation’s strategic concerns, Building Blocks that address the operational concerns, and Blueprints that address the implementation concerns, all covered here, plus more.

Users Comments:

  • Finally, a voice for the Business! The Business Transformation Playbook is a step by step guide to transform your business, written for the Business, by the Business, putting the Business concerns and needs at the front of any business and digital transformation from the start and throughout the organisations transformation journey.
    This is one of the rare books that is written by a practitioner, that gives you the information you can put directly into practice.
  • This book should be called the Business Transformation Bible!
    This book is packed with personal insights from a practitioner walking the talk, as opposed to other books of this genre, that are based on theory with no practical use or application. The lessons in this book you can put into immediate use today!
    This book is well thought out and structured. It consists of three parts.
    The first part providing good context and sets the scene of why 70% of Business Transformations fail, the problem with the industry today, a brief look at history where existing frameworks originated from (and why they are out dated and don’t work, the 70% failure is testament to that), cleans up the confusion with other disciplines (eg technology architecture, business analysis, business change etc.), alignment with other approach’s (eg TOGAF, Agile and Project Management, Business Process Management, Benefits Realisation Management etc.) causes of why 70% of business transformations fail, and how this book, and the HOBA framework addresses it head on.
    The second part goes into the detail of the 6-step agile process, providing step by step guidance, issues you will likely face and mitigation actions how to address and overcome them.
    The third part wraps up and summaries what was just covered, next steps for you the reader, depending where you are in your transformation journey, and what your appetite to risk is and suggestions of whether to start with the process, at the start and in the middle (each with its pros and cons), and appendices. If you get the eBook, the internal links in the Appendix (and throughout the book) make it a dream to navigate. This book is well referenced, citing and linking to external sources referenced throughout the book.
    This is a must read for anyone just embarking on their transformation journey or the seasoned professional. It will not be long until you see this book being used on a daily basis in project and programme offices, and shortly becoming the benchmark for business transformation frameworks, being taught in universities and masters programmes around the world.
    This book is a game charger the industry and the world needed. Could not recommend enough.
  • Who better to teach about Business Transformation than a practitioner walking the talk that has rescued failing multi-million-dollar transformation programmer?! This book provides an expectation step by guide to business transformation in the real world. Knowing the principles and steps is one thing but gaining the vital insights through real-world examples is another. Excellent book with lessons and you otherwise can’t buy.
  • This is a big book, but the reading is light weight and enjoyable. Gascoigne takes a refreshing honest assessment of what is wrong with the industry and sector now and provides a fresh approach and answers to address it. Practical, pragmatic and innovative. A must read for any business leader, business owner or entrepreneur that wants a tried and tested approach that is it in a language and style they can understand (non-technical, but a well referenced glossary of terms and definitions when needed), pick up and use straight away as well as use as a reference point and training manual to get everyone on the same page quickly and start transforming their business.
  • I am very impressed with this book. This is a fantastic guide to conquering the challenges of business transformation in todays digital world. Gascoigne has done a great job of providing a step by step guide how to transform your business in an agile fashion. I really liked this book and would recommend anyone who needs such type of information.

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