Breaking Digital Gridlock, + Website: Improving Your Bank’s Digital Future by Making Technology Changes Now

Strategic technology strategy for smaller financial institutions

Breaking Digital Gridlock empowers credit unions and community banks to make the shift to digital—even without a seven-figure consulting budget. From leadership, to technology, to security, and more, this book provides effective, real-world strategies for taking the leap without tearing your organization apart. With an emphasis on maintaining the culture, services, and features you have carefully crafted for your customers over the years, these strategies allow you to make your organization more resistant to digital disruption by adopting key technologies at key points in their evolution. Expert advice grounded in practicality shows how FinTech partnerships and strategic technology acquisition can foster new growth with minimal disruption, and how project management can be restructured to most effectively implement any digital solution and how to implement and leverage analytics. Specific implementation advice coupled with expert approaches offer the ability to modernize in an efficient, organized, financially-sound manner.

The companion website features a digital readiness assessment that helps clarify the breadth and scope of the change, and serves as a progress check every step of the way. Access to digital assets helps smooth the path to implementation, and a reader forum facilitates the exchange of ideas, experiences, and advice.

  • Identify revolutionary versus evolutionary technology opportunities
  • Empower employee innovation, and stop managing all risk out of good ideas
  • Understand blockchain, machine learning, cloud computing, and other technologies
  • Forge strategic partnerships that will drive growth and success amidst technological upheaval

It is widely accepted that digital is the future of banking, but knowing is not the same as doing. If your organization has been riding the fence for too long amidst uncertainty and budget constraints, Breaking Digital Gridlock provides the solutions, strategies, and knowledge you need to begin moving forward.

Users Comments:

  • I bought this book on my Kindle the day it came out, read parts of it, and read it from beginning to end while in a business trip this week. I agree with the other reviewers in enjoying his writing style. At times, I could have sworn he was in my head. He has the test of time ahead of him, and considering I have found myself looking in that same direction, I hope he’s proven spot-on. I bought the actual book to have my team at work read. I also recommended it to those in higher, more influential positions.
  • John Best writes from a standpoint of immense clarity on the subjects of AI, Blockchain, and digital finance. His structure of prose is on a humble level where you feel like you could be comfortable talking to him, which is a relief from the often dry and overly tedious info dumps that other banking authors throw out.
    Breaking Digital Gridlock is a must buy and incredibly difficult to put down once you’ve started. Whatever it’s worth to you, it’s easily going to double it’s value with the information and confidence you’ll gain from it.
  • This is a MUST READ for organizations considering a digital transformation, or better said, existing in the future. One needs to know that this is not a technical book in the purest sense, but more of a guide to organizational gridlock based on the experience of a technology practitioner that has assisted successful organizations in adopting a digital culture. No doubt, John addresses many of the questions that organizations have related to digital transformation, yet the strategies presented are practical for any organization that chooses to EXIST in a digital world.
    Imagine reading a book forty years ago about adopting email or mobile communications in the workplace. It wasn’t a matter of if, but when. Today companies can’t exist without the unbroken communication link that email and mobile devices provide. Digital transformation is not a choice. Best’s book provides organizations with a fundamental guidebook to executing that transformation.
  • Stop looking at other books, this is the book you want. Get it, read it, do it. This book helps you understand what it takes to go digital (in 2018) and then tells you how to get there. Unlike other books in this category it doesn’t forcus on just one thing. It looks at what you need now and what you will be looking at in the future. If that wasn’t enough John ends it all by adding organizational culture and how it impacts it all and how you can shift your culture. Excellent read, this was the book I had been looking for.
  • I began reading Breaking Digital Gridlock on a coast to coast flight, believing it would be a fine prelude to some needed sleep. I finished the final chapter a few hours later as the wheels touched down. The author educated me, challenged me and more importantly prompted me to consider Digital Transformation in new ways.
    John Best thinks about things differently than most people. That does not necessarily make him right, however it does make his thoughts valuable. And by the way, I suspect time will prove him to be right more often than not.
  • This is a must read. This book is for the forward thinking who want to keep up with the latest and greatest in the fintech space. This is a great book to give to staff or management to help them understand the direction that Technolgy is moving and all things digital. The illustrations are amazing and really add to the book. I enjoyed the book from start to finish. John’s made this an easy, fun and enjoyable read yet still gets his points across. Thanks John and I can’t wait for your next book!
  • John Best has real world banking and credit union experience in multiple roles over his illustrious career. He is an innovative thought leader in the IT and digital transformation space for banks and credit unions. He knows the subject matter inside and out. You need to read this book if you work for a bank or credit union in order to understand the coming wave of technology, from blockchain to mobile banking and everything in-between. Excellent work, John!

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